Fond Memories of The Quarter

We spent a week in New Orleans in 1996 and [found this print in a little shop on Bourbon
Street]**. It hangs in my office and if I close my eyes and strain a bit, I can almost hear again the amazing sounds that joyfully poured out of the buildings and washed over us as we walked down the streets. I wonder if we will ever experience that again.

** Update: I've received quite a few inquiries about this print and I'm sad to report that I managed to botch this simple story. I was just reminded that this particular print came from the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach shortly after we returned from New Orleans. Oops. Sorry about that. Too many beignets from Cafe du Monde must have clouded my memory.

** Update 2: I found the print today hiding in an unopened box from our last move. Click here to view it.

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