Hospice Dilemma

Note: When you elect to enter hospice you sign paperwork agreeing that you will not call 911 for medical interventions and will more or less allow nature to take its course. It is a sobering and difficult moment.


Me: Good morning mom

Mom: Hi sweet doll

Me: How did you sleep?

Mom: Terrible. I had an awful dream.

Me: What happened?

Mom: A dog bit my hand off.

Me: Whoa. Did it hurt?

Mom: Whadya think?! ... yes!


Me: So what did you do?

Mom: Tried to put it back on.

Me: The dog gave it back?

Mom: No, so I called out for you.

Me: Oh boy...what did I do?

Mom: I don't know, I woke up.

Me: Did you check your hands?

Mom: <looking at her hands> No, I forgot.


Me: I think we would have called 911 for that one.