Dream Mom

A few nights ago I dreamt about my mother for the first time (that I can remember) since she passed away last September. We were sitting in a quiet room and the conversation was brief. It reminded me of our last few months together when much of our time was spent just sitting quietly and maybe making a little bit of small talk. All the really big things had been said many times, so there was not much left to say. We were just waiting together. It was like taking someone to the train station a day early before they are scheduled to depart. You can only hug and say "I love you" and "goodbye" so many times and then you get quiet.

Anyway, here's the conversation I remember from the dream...


Me: Hi mom

Mom: Hi doll

<long silence while we just look at each other>

Me: How is it ... you know ... where you are?

<long pause>

Mom: Kind of weird


Me: Are you ok?

<long pause while she looks out the window>

Mom: Yes

Me: I'm glad you're not in pain

<silence, then she looks at me and whispers>

Mom: Me too


That's all I can remember. I thought maybe the dream would pick up from there the next night or a few nights later, but it didn't happen.

I have more questions for her if she reappears.