Space treats

From Mary Roach's book, Packing for Mars, she quotes this hysterical gem from the Apollo 10 transcript:

Given the complexity of the chore, "escapees," as free-floating fecal material is known in astronautical circles plagued the crews. Below is an excerpt from the Apollo 10 mission transcript, starring Mission Commander Thomas Stafford, Lunar Module Pilot Gene Cernan, and Command Module Pilot John Young, orbiting the moon 200,000-plus miles from the nearest bathroom.

CERNAN: ...You know once you get out of lunar orbit, you can do a lot of things. You can power down...And what's happening is --

STAFFORD: Oh--who did it?

YOUNG: Who did what?


STAFFORD: Who did it? [laughter]

CERNAN: Where did that come from?

STAFFORD: Give me a napkin quick. There's a turd floating through the air.

YOUNG: I didn't do it. It ain't one of mine.

CERNAN: I don't think it's one of mine.

STAFFORD: Mine was a little more sticky than that. Throw that away.

YOUNG: God almighty.