Steph practices IV removal on her grandma

As with many of our nurses, we got off to a somewhat bumpy start with Nurse X.

We've learned over the year that the biggest two words in a hospital are "shift" and "change". That first hour on the new shift can be rough on everybody while some poor soul tries to get up to speed quickly and accurately on a whole bunch of very sick and needy patients and all the important events of the previous twelve hours. It's a little like trying to jump in and drive a new car for the first time while it's moving.

Sometimes, you think, "wow, this nurse is the worst ever" and then a few hours later, the seas calm, kindnesses are shared and presto...everyone bonds!

Anyway, on this shift, a nurse we were really struggling to appreciate heard that Steph was pursuing nursing school and immediately offered to let her practice removing an IV from her grandma's arm. Of course, Steph was ecstatic. Her grandmother was bemused by the ensuing scene (she's just too weak to get riled by much these days). Mom and Dad (us) were a little nervous, but thrilled she could gain her first IV experience in a such a memorable and meaningful way.

She did just fine. 

And of course, we love Nurse X.

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