The Stream Pool is Java-Free again

For the umpteenth time in my adult life, I have stopped drinking coffee. Though I do not recommend it, I went cold turkey and have been on the wagon for about two weeks now. Candidly, the espresso machine came down with the small appliance equivalent of atherosclerosis and it just seemed like another sign that it was time to move on (again).

Our most recent liaison ran about two years and at the high (low) point, I was gulping down a quad espresso, staring back at the curious and judgmental faces of those around me and giving them my best Cheney-sneering "What?!"

Recently, I talked my non-coffee drinking mother into tasting a straight up espresso. After taking a tiny sip, she gagged, nearly spit it out, made a terrible face and then exclaimed "ick, it tastes like dirt!"

In that same spirit, people will sometimes ask, "why do you like coffee?"  My standard flip answer: "Other than causing brown teeth, bad breath and headaches when you stop drinking it, what's not to like?"

I suppose that defensive response deflects from the deeper truth that I have no idea why I like it. Why do we lay out in the sun, keep our money in banks, talk on the cell phone while driving, eat french fries or watch The Hills?

So will this breakup last? Who knows. Last time I kicked, I pretty much stayed clear of arabicas for three or four years before the shiny new (supposedly self-cleaning) espresso machine lured me back to regular and possibly excessive consumption of...ok...dirt juice.

In the meantime, it looks like the interim official drink of the Stream Pool is now our old standby...Green Tea. Antioxidants, you know.